One Growing Industry:
Different Writing Needs

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I Write Marketing Content for the Hemp Industry

Hemp companies struggle finding dependable writers who are passionate about the hemp plant and its many uses. Finding a writer who has personal experience with different sectors of the hemp industry is a challenge. Even harder is finding a writer who stays informed about regulations, new technology, and the complexities of the hemp industry.

This is where I can help you!

Hi, I’m Janet Davis. I help the hemp industry connect with their target market through website content, marketing content, social media, product information, and more.

Plus, I make sure your content is compliant with government rules and regulations.

Unlike most copywriters, not only do I use CBD products for my own health issues, buy hemp products for our home, but I’m also a farmer who grows in an organic and sustainable manner.

As of October 2019, the family farm received its hemp license and we are preparing to do our first grow inside.

This means I keep a close eye on all aspects of the hemp industry: rules, regulations, technologies, new information, and products.

This knowledge lets me clearly communicate with farmers, processors, suppliers, buyers, and new companies within the hemp industry.